Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) Perfect Guide | 高速バス・夜行バスの旅行・観光メディア [バスとりっぷ]

by バス比較なび


Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) Perfect Guide

Toilet of Koshu highway side before renewal

Toilet of Koshu highway side before renewal

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Floor map of Busta Shinjuku on 4th Floor Bus Terminal
Seat made by grain in waiting room
Information counter is near the Yoyogi side entrance
There are two vending machines at 2 entrances
You can withdraw money with ATM even in case of sudden
Basta Shinjuku is no smoking
Prohibited matter in Basta Shinjuku
Information on easy-to-understand ticketing counters
ticketing counters
Automatic ticket vending machine
Guide monitor for departing flights
Men's toilet and girls' toilet in the back of the aisle
The toilet is also next to the entrance on the Yoyogi side!
Multifunctional toilet also available
Men's toilet
Toilet of Koshu highway side after renewal
Toilet of Koshu highway side before renewal
Toilet of Koshu highway side after renewal
Single room toilet
A sketch of girl's toilet
Bus stop at A1 of A area
Bus stop at A2 of A area
A area
B5 of B area
C7 of C area
Bus stop at C8 of C area
D10 of D area
The bus stop is color coded
4th floor facility information map
This sign makes us easy to understand
A guide map is also set up on the Koshu Highway side
Elevator directly connected to bus terminal
Elevator on the Miraina tower side
Escalator directly connected with JR Shinjuku station Shinan gate
Coin locker is next to convenience store
Price list
There is also a coin locker in a place slightly away from the waiting room
Family Mart Busta Shinjuku store
Onigiri(rice ball)
Easy-to-eat sweets and snacks are popular
Souvenir is just "Tokyo Banana" only
Coffee Machine
Shirt and Nectie
Mask and Deodrant Sheet
Skincare articles etc.
Japan's largest bus terminal. Basta Shinjuku
Shinjuku's streets
Miraina tower ticket gate at JR Shinjuku station
High-speed bus guidance board at the end of JR Shinjuku station new south gate exit
From JR Shinjuku station new south ticket gate to Basta Shinjuku by escalator for about 1 minute
View from Yoyogi side
View from Koshu street side
Taxi stand on the 3rd floor
The Tokyo Tourist Information Center is also on the 3rd floor
Inside of the Tokyo Tourist Information
Open deck on the south side of the 3 rd floor
Southern terrace with 'green wall'
There is also plenty of green on the 3rd floor taxi stand
Miraina tower of a complex with commercial facilities and offices
Miraina Tower
NEWoMan directly connected to the bus terminal






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3,000円 3,300円
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4,000円 4,200円
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6,550円 8,050円
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7,000円 9,050円
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